We’ve Listened to 30,000 of Our Customers’ Phone Calls–Here’s What We’ve Learned!

Nov 17, 2022

Over the past two years we’ve made it a goal to listen to every single call generated by our marketing efforts for our customers. As a result we’ve now listened in on over 30,000 phone calls! 

Tracking and listening to phone calls can be time-consuming, so you might be asking, is it really worth it to go to all that effort? In a word, yes! Watch the video below or read on to learn why we think call tracking and monitoring is absolutely worth it.


Having listened to so many phone calls and seen the benefits, we’ve learned a lot about how this practice can be an invaluable part of our marketing strategies for our customers. Here are three reasons why we’re going to keep listening to every phone call, and you should consider doing the same!


#1: Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

If you work in a larger organization, you are probably familiar with the disconnect that can exist between marketing and sales. The sales team often wants more and/or better leads and thinks the marketing team needs to do a better job of reaching potential customers; meanwhile, the marketing team often works hard to gain quality leads and thinks the sales team just needs to do better at converting them.

This is where call tracking and listening to calls can play a key role. For a marketing team, hearing the actual conversations that are happening between the potential customer and the salesperson is very illuminating in terms of the quality of the leads they’re generating. What questions does the customer have? What products or services are they interested in? How close are they to making their decision when they call? These are all valuable pieces of information for the marketing team to have as they work with the sales team to generate high quality leads.


#2: Assess the Performance of Individual Campaigns

We use CallRail to track calls for our customers, which allows us to set up different phone numbers for different call sources. This allows us to see when calls have been generated from, for example, our Google ad vs. a Google Business profile vs. a Facebook ad. All of these different channels will have different performance levels in terms of how many people within their reach they’ve successfully convinced to pick up the phone. The ability to see which campaigns and channels are actually generating phone calls is absolutely invaluable to planning future campaigns.


#3: Discover Previously Unknown Problems and Opportunities

If you listen to any 100 phone calls, you are sure to find something that can be improved. Most customers who call are going to have questions about products or services, some of which you may have never had to answer before. There will also be customers making inferences about the ad or website content they saw that were not at all your intention. Situations like this present opportunities to reassess your content and improve the clarity and quality.

Additionally, for organizations in which someone else is answering phones for you, listening to calls can be helpful for doing quality checks and monitoring their ability to convert leads. As an example, we often hear customers call one of our clients who is a plumbing company, asking for a different, competitor plumbing company. Rather than saying they have the wrong number, this is an opportunity for our client to help by offering their services instead of their competitor’s. This can be an invaluable tool for improving conversion rates.


Those are our three main reasons that we are going to continue listening to every single call that we generate for our customers. It does take a lot of time and resources, but we’ve found that for anyone in marketing or business, it is 100% worth the effort! 

If you want to learn more about CallRail and how we use it to improve our marketing efforts, or you’d like some help with digital marketing in general, give us a call or reach out at [email protected]