David White


David has led many brands over the last 20 years in SEO,
Social Media, Paid Advertising and marketing technology.
His goal is to be your companies Chief Marketing Officer
so you can know your business is in good hands.

Loves: Riding his Onewheel & Playing tennis
Hates: Cats.

Mitch Koch

Account Manager

Mitch is our paid advertising expert. He’s always one step
ahead in making sure your ad campaigns are running
smoothly and getting you leads from your target consumers
when you need them!

Loves: His cat Jax & Shoe Shopping
Hates: Lukewarm Coffee

Rhonda Watts

Digital Marketing Specialist

Like our whole team, Rhonda does a little bit of everything,
but she specializes in effective social media strategies
and digital marketing content with a creative, personal touch.

Loves: iced coffee and thick books
Hates: traffic

Alexandra Steadman

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager is just a fancy way of saying
Alex is with our clients every step of the way,
making sure each and
every one of our customers’ needs are met.

Loves: singing while cooking and Saturday morning runs
Hates: people talking during a movie

Nicole Adam

Executive Assistant

Nicole is in charge of all admin-related tasks in the office.
She makes sure she always has everyone else’s backs
so we can give our 100% to our clients.

Loves: strawberries, Hello Kitty, white sneakers
Hates: rainy days, bugs