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Spirit 105.3 Interviews CEO & Owner David White

 Erica from Spirit 105.3 interviewed CEO and Owner David White about the Support Local Campaign. DWMS is giving away $5000+ of advertising to at least 2 local businesses in the PNW! Submissions for businesses will be accepted until January 31st 2022. We need your help to nominate businesses you know of (or your own) […]

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Jupiter Tennis: Take it to The Court!

 Focus. Leadership. Discipline. Teamwork. Tennis is a unique sport that utilizes both mind and body, and is one of the greatest sports for kids to get involved in. Unlike other sports, tennis will utilize both individual and team compositions.  This strengthens both independent decision making as well as working alongside a teammate, and will […]

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Shop, Dine, and Live Local in Renton!

In Renton, we are lucky to have so many wonderful local businesses at our fingertips. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our town, and it’s up to us to support them. Let’s continue to shop and dine local, because today and everyday, we are #RentonStrong! 💪

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Jenny + Tom Meet White Marketing Services

Is your calendar looking empty these days? Watch how we help Tom & Jenny fill their schedules. Do what you do best, while we take care of the rest! We can’t wait to put our experience to work for you. 253.224.4891

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Shop Local: Gig Harbor

It’s 2021! What better way to kick off the new year than to feature a few of our favorite local spots in Gig Harbor? We’ve got to keep rallying around our neighborhood businesses. There’s still work to be done. 💪 Share this video to continue to spread the word! BIG thanks to Gig Harbor Audio […]

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Con Brio Piano Studio

  At Con Brio Piano Studio, you’re learning more than just how to play the piano. Owner Tarra Winslow demonstrates and shows her students the importance of instrumental comprehension, how to become fluent in the language of music, and the joy of creative interpretation. “At the studio, we are an extended family, brought together by […]

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Seattle HeliTours

Many people don’t know how easy and surprisingly affordable it is to fly in a helicopter. We helped bring this to life together for Seattle HeliTours. Dan landed the chopper in the bed of the White River by Buckley and a couple enjoyed a nice picnic with champaign. The sky is is the limit on […]

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Homesight Small Business

We had a great time working with Homesight to create this amazing video to raise awareness for small businesses! We love projects that uplift and support our local communities! Check out Homesight and the amazing work they do!

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Music Monday: Original Song by Maddie

Music Mondays with Mitch (and Maddie) Maddie put together this instrumental song, accompanying album art and video describing her artistic process this week! While talking about her work, Maddie perfectly describes how it’s important to not be afraid of trying new things for music and art: the same applies to marketing! There’s always more to […]

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MS Episode 6: Realty Tips & Tricks with Maple Valley’s #1 Realtor Amber Bills

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MS Episode 5: BOPIS and Online Marketing with Sharon Kresse of Sharon’s Resale Boutique

Video Giveaway - Tacoma Dome Shot!

Video Giveaway – Tacoma Dome Shot!

As also our work had declined with the onset of Coronavirus pandemic we decided to give away one video to a local business owner. The team had a lot of fun shooting this video with drone & green screen effects